The Goods

Our finely crafted doughnuts are made daily from scratch using only the finest ingredients, and no preservatives... ever! Simple recipes combined with the use of quality ingredients allow you to eat more than one doughnut and still feel great. We feature yeast-raised, cake, and buttermilk old-fashioned varieties, which we have dressed up with extras like fresh fruit, artisan chocolate, and even bacon. And since we didn't want other morning treats to feel left out, we also offer a selection of specialty baked goods as well as Breakfast Sandwiches. With an eye to seasonal ingredients, and an insatiable creative drive, our chef regularly concocts new doughnut flavors and treats, allowing our offerings to update often. To learn more about the ingredients that make our goodies so good.


And then there's the coffee... Portland's own Stumptown!  We are proud to bring these roasters to Orange County and will offer different roasts each month.  We feature their infamous Hair Bender espresso, and our baristas whip up some of the best cappuccinos, lattes, and Vietnamese ice coffees in town. And, yes, we also have those awesome Cold Brew Stubbies.


In addition to taking care of your morning doughnut and coffee fix, Sidecar is also proud to carry a selection of finely curated gourmet items - from an assortment of Kusmi Teas to Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars.  Our shelves will always be updated with fun and delicious treats for you to take home.

The Good Makers

Sidecar is the brainchild of chef Brooke Des Prez and Sumter & Chi-lin Pendergrast, a creative team with a commitment to making doughnuts cool again.  The trio brings an artistic flare to the culinary venture, which can be seen in the creativity and passion poured into not only their distinctive doughnuts, but also into every creative detail of their brick and mortar store.   These three make up the head, heart and hand’s of Sidecar’s unique aesthetic, and they are the ones responsible for the infectious smiles on their customer and employee faces alike.


Des Prez is a chef with a creative “from the earth” approach to cooking, with an innovative style that showcases her diverse professional background, as well as her love of design and unique flavors. She is devoted to goodness, and dedicated to consistently finding fresh, local ingredients that regularly inspire new flavors. For the past five years Brooke has run a successful catering business; during which time she perfected the redefined doughnut that brought her and the Pendergrast clan together.


Sumter and Chi-lin are a husband and wife team with creative backgrounds whose influence can be seen in in each carefully considered detail of Sidecar. Chi-lin has spent the last 15 years working as a professional photographer, and is also recognized locally as the lovely lady behind LMNOP, a unique boutique whose doors sadly shut in 2012.  The blog, continues to grow and thrive in the store’s honor.   Sumter is an artist and clothing designer originally from Atlanta.  His love for a great cup of coffee, inspired him to start roasting beans in his home garage with the idea of developing his own coffee company, and opening a special shop with cutting edge coffee.  However, once he discovered the amazing Stumptown Coffee, he stopped home roasting and, along with Chi-lin, refocused efforts on the idea of a new type of gathering place for their community. Luckily, Chi-lin had met Des Prez years earlier and had become an adoring advocate of the chef’s work. Once she introduced Sumter and Des Prez, they realized her artisan doughnuts would be the ideal complement to his beloved Stumptown Coffee.  The vision was realized, and Brooke and the Pendergrasts set out to create a beautiful and unique Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee.


Nothing but the best for our gourmet goodies. We use only the finest ingredients available, and when possible, source from local producers and distributors. While many of our ingredients will change depending on seasonal availability and new flavor offerings, the quality basics of our doughnut recipes always stay the same.


*Please note: most of our doughnuts contain almond flour &/or almond extract.

Doughnuts are on a first come, first served basis.

We plan to make enough to last until the end of the day, but cannot guarantee that all flavors will be available.

Please plan accordingly to ensure you get your fix!


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