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Our local community is at the heart and soul of everything we do at Sidecar, and we are dedicated to sharing our appreciation. Each month we will partner with a different charity/non-profit group, and will donate a portion of our proceeds to the group, as well as team up with them on specific initiatives, events, and/or anything else fun they might have going on. We hope you will join us in our efforts to save the doughnut at a time!

This Month's Partner

RAD Camps' mission is to offer an awesome summer camp experience for those with developmental disabilities, much-deserved respite for their caregivers, and a life-changing volunteer experience for the local community.  Located at the Irvine Outdoor Education Center in Orange, RAD Camps provide two summer camps each year for Orange County  - one for adults 18 and over, and another for children 4 to 17 years old. The camps offer an array of amazing activities and opportunities for their campers, including arts & crafts, games, drama, scrapbooking, music, dance, swimming, and more!  They are doing truly amazing things here in Orange County, and we are so stoked to support them this month!

Ways You Can Help

Visit Sidecar Doughnuts and enjoy this month's featured SideCares flavor, Coconut.  10% of proceeds from the sale of this flavor will go directly to RAD Camps!

Provide a Service or Activity! From catered meals and golf carts, to security guards, nurses, medical supplies and more RAD Camp has many ways for the community to showcase their industry, talents, products and services at camp! Contact them today at for more information.

Make a Donation! RAD Camp's programs are supported entirely by community donations.  Since the camp is 100% volunteer run, 100% of your money goes straight to the campers and programs -  no dollar ever goes to overhead or staff. They make every dollar count at camp!
Do it here - like NOW

Sponsor a Camper! As you can imagine, RAD Camp's campers' families have numerous associated expenses and medical bills. They would never want camp to be another expense. Therefore they work hard to offset the cost for campers to attend. Adult campers pay just $250 and children pay $150 of the total $1500 cost. Sponsor a camper today and help one family on RAD Camp's campership program attend for free!

Learn more here.

Nurse Wanted! RAD Camp provides 24/7 care while on-site at camp and they are always in need of Nurses to donate their time! Contact them today at for more information.

 *to inquire about your organization being a part of our SideCares program, please contact

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